Driving a system with a single stereo amplifier properly could be very difiicult.
We choosed the DSP based way because we want to make as low compromise as possible.
If you have your own amplifier, and like the sound of it, you can use your own with our system.

If you have already 8 chanel of amplification, you can use all of them to find the sound what you like the most.

Most audiophiles dreaming about a system with smooth and warm sounded tube or solid state amplifiers for midrange and treble, and High End D-class amplifiers for the controlled bass section.

This dream could become true with our system.

Amplifier specifications / channel:


S/N ratio: snr 134 db  (unweighted, add 2 dB for A- weighted), Re PR.           
                    snr: 109 db (unweighted, add 2 dB for A- weighted), Re 2.8Vrms 
Efficiency: 93%
Frequency Response: 0 hz -50 khz,   0/-3dB. All loads.
Distortion: THD+N, typ: 0,001%, max: 0,005%,  20Hz<f<20kHz, 4Ω Pout<PR/2
Continuous Output Power: 100 W Per channel, 25°C ambient temperature. 
Peak Output Power: 8 ohm: 400W, 4 ohm: 700 W, 2 ohm: 550 W , 1KHz, THD=1%
Output Impedance:  typ: 1,5 mΩ    max : 2 mΩ     f<16kHz

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